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Static Menu Displays

Static Menu Displays

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Static menu displays are just basic display which does not include any media or any moving elements. A typical static menu display of this format looks like a normal banner that contains some fixed content, such as text, image, and a call to action. They are non-interactive and they cannot be integrated with user behavior but can be used in the common ad carousel framed by the attractive description line.

Static menu display often uses the means of images, videos, or animation, but their main common feature is that every user receives the same set of ads which can be considered one event. Sometimes limiting, static menu displays are still a great way to drive people to your app or landing page or website. They are extremely useful for generic offers – like, Black Friday discounts or Christmas sale.

Static type of ads are easy to maintain as they contain static content that needs to be installed only once. This makes really easy for to monitor ad format which requires a relatively very less time commitment. The content of these kinds of ads are unvarying in nature. Creation of static ads requires more time and lots of precision. Static ads display can show a variety of formats, like image, video, or animation. However, and regardless of the displayed format, static ads are called as static because all of the users are displayed with the same set of ads.

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