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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage are digital displays showing ads or messages for targeted audience. It is a new age signages which offers ease in changing content and expand the content capabilities beyond static posters to videos, live feed and animated content. Digital signage eco-system consists of digital displays/ panel which are powered by back-end digital signage software also called as content management software (CMS), and a back-end operating computer which is connected through a media player. Digital signage provides an opportunity to brands to create a centralized network of digital signages, it brings uniformity and ease in communications.

Why do Digital Signage 2020?

Identity Analysis

Discover brand's core values , culture and outstanding concepts that can impress audiences.
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Brand Digitization

Present to audiences what your brand stands for, aims at and what you are doing for your customers.
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Proof of Concept

Demonstrates the feasibility of a design concept, business proposal, economic planning, etc.
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Brand Delivery

Empower brand visibility through three essential elements — processes, tools and culture.
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Marketing & Internal Communications

Our process has been simplified. we cover everything related to marketing
Digital signage is a fragmented industry, with hundreds of vendors competing to sell you their solution. If you’ve seen some of the marketing or been to a trade show, you might notice that all the messaging feels very “me-too”. That’s because, at a high level, the components of any digital signage solution are similar. It’s only when you understand the details of what technologies are being utilized that you can truly start to tell the difference from one vendor to the next. More advanced software will save these media files on the internal storage, ensuring uninterrupted playback in case of loss of internet connectivity, as opposed to a streaming solution which relies on persistent internet connectivity to work.
Media rich communication contents were developed and published across screens that led to increased communication effectiveness. Within one months, all the screens on the premise were brought under the Pickerel umbrella. This inspired team leads and managers who until then were reluctant communicators to actively seek opportunities that enabled them and their team to be on air. Today one rarely finds TV programs being broadcaster on any of the screens. Varied messages like leadership talks, internal branding, HR messages to birthday greetings are now being aired on the TV screens. Among employees one of biggest hit and is a matter of pride is to appear on a big video wall placed in a cafeteria. Employee of the month is displayed on those big displays. Other benefits gained by the client.